O.G. Blotter Master Paul Guest aka Monkey

Paul Guest aka Monkey (1962 – 2021) was one of the founding fathers of contemporary blotter art. After founding blotterart.ltd in 2007 and buying blotterart.com from John Blackburn in 2010 he became one of the few and best blotter masters in the world. The quality and precision of his blotter art sheets are widely recognized among collectors. If there was any color discrepancy or a perforation not fitting right where it should, he would redo the job until it’s done right. His perfectionism is the reason why most major artists went to him when they had to put their art on blotter. Paul was a beautiful person with a beautiful mind , friendly, generous and a true altruist, always helping and counselling confirmed collectors as well as new comers in the wonderful world of blotter art collecting. For over a year, since his passing , his business has been put to a halt , but today it is back to life and we hope that we will continue to keep his legacy going on and uphold the same quality standard and sense of commitment that Paul had.

– The blotterart.uk Team-