Blotter Art the way
it should be done

Our inhouse Heildelberg Printing and perforating presses

Custom Blotter Art

We make the best quality blotter art in the world = Best value for money.

We use Paul Guest’s Heidelberg Perforating press and perforating boards and work with the same people he used to make blotter art ” the way it should be done” as the late blotter master loved to say.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own Blotter Art? Are you an artist who would like a custom made piece of Blotter Art? Are you an eBay seller who wants to increase sales by having an exclusive Blotter Art print? Look no further! We can help produce print quality art for you based on your concept. All printing is done on a Heidelberg offset lithograph printing press using vegetable inks and chlorine free paper, the proper way blotter art should be made.

Minimum order for custom blotter art is approx 50 sheets of one design.

Turnaround time is approx 2-3 weeks depending where you are in the world.

Using 3 German 1950’s/60’s Heidelberg 10 x 15 Auto Platens, a Heidelberg KS Cylinder press and an English Thompson press to print and perforate Blotter Art, we can produce bespoke custom orders for almost anyone looking to create their own blotters. You can use your own artwork or we can help produce your artwork for you. We also use our 1950’s KS Cylinder press for retro die cut Vinyl 10″ & 7″ LP/EP covers, 12″ sleeves, inserts and posters upto 15″ x 20.1/2″ if your looking for any retro band merchandise too.

Multiple sizes of printed sheets, perforations and square sizes are available upto just slightly bigger than A4… 7.5″ square and upto 7″x 9″ rectangle being the most common sizes used for blotters with upto a maximum of 15″ x 20.1/2″…

We can even create unique custom perf boards for those wanting to make a series or do large runs of multiple designs. Making your artwork fully original and unique.

We have a multitude of different print sizes and perforations possible to choose from and can supply basic information on how to produce your own designs using photoshop.

We do minimum runs of 50 sheets per design but can can do 25 sheets minimum if doing 6 or more designs at once, and can fulfil orders upto a 1000 sheets.

All the artwork produced for blotter art is using the original retro format upto 4 colour lithograph printing technique. We use Dutch Bio plant based non toxic inks and chemical and bleach free paper and card stock containing no pollutants whatsoever.

Note: If PayPal is being used, the customer is responsible for paying their fees. We also accept crypto.

Prices for Blotter Art production in US dollars $ :

– based on 7.5″ square or 7″ x 9″ rectangle –

50 sheets : $5.60 per sheet – $280.00

100 sheets : $4.80 per sheet – $480.00

250 sheets : $3.90 per sheet – $975.00

500 sheets : $3.20 per sheet – $1600.00

(Shipping outside of the UK is not included)

Prices for Blotter Art production in UK Pounds £ :

– based on 7.5″ square or 7″ x 9″ rectangle –

50 sheets : £4.50 per sheet – £225

100 sheets : £3.85 per sheet – £385

250 sheets : £3.15 per sheet – £787.50

500 sheets : £2.95 per sheet – £1475

(Shipping within the UK is free if under 75 sheets are being ordered

For any other size or format, with or without boarders contact us directly at